Treasury Management is responsible for overseeing all of the university’s financial resources, including cash collection and disbursement, endowment fund payouts, debt portfolios, and more.

Departmental Deposits

Treasury Management partners with Student Financial and Registration Services to collect departmental deposits. Deposits of checks and cash are processed within one business day. 

Credit Card & Merchant Services

We also manage credit card and merchant services, if your office is interested in collecting funds using credit cards.

Debt Management

Treasury Management is responsible for managing the university's  debt portfolio. We regularly review our debt structure to make certain the university will have sufficient cash flows to meet our borrowing obligations. We also monitor the credit landscape frequently to determine if opportunities exist to lower our cost of capital.

Electronic Funds Transfer

As part of our responsibility in handling the university's financial resources, Treasury Management can assist you in setting up cash collection or disbursement capabilities. Cash collection includes services such as lockbox, credit card processing or Electronic Funds Transfer. Cash disbursement includes making domestic or international electronic payments.

Internal Loan

Treasury Management administers the University’s  Internal Advances. The University’s Internal Advances provides debt funding for various construction and improvement projects that benefit our students and support GW’s mission. University Divisions and Schools may borrow funds through the University’s Internal Advances to finance certain approved capital projects.