Treasury Management maintains a number of documents and resources that may be of interest to staff or partners in the GW community.

Financial Reports

Treasury Management works closely with several other GW offices to produce various financial reports.

  • The Finance Division publishes reports on audits, taxable bonds, and rating reviews, and produces GW's Annual Financial Report.
  • The Investment Office issues an annual Endowment Report that highlights the endowment's performance and management.
  • The Budget Office publishes quarterly reports on the university budget as well as annual reports on tuition and fees.
Treasury Policies

The GW Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Privacy maintains a list of GW policies, created to ensure that the university is in compliance with all local, state and federal laws that govern our activities as individuals and as representatives of the university. There are three policies that are specifically related to Treasury Management at GW.

Staff Resources

Treasury Management staff work frequently with other GW offices, as well as external organizations, such as: